QRRA Administration Officer Vacancy

Do you have a passion for Rugby? Are you a great organiser with good people skills?


Some Good News and Bad News!
The BAD news – Nick Leseberg is no longer able to continue in this role with the Qld Rugby Referees Association, due to study and family commitments. So we say thanks to Nick for a job done really well!

The GOOD news – this provides a chance for someone else committed the rugby refereeing and the QRRA to take it on.
It is a great part-time role, that could suit a student or other person with time, brains, humour, patience and a passion for rugby!


If you’re interested, please check out this link, which has most of the information on the role…

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If you think you might be right for the role (after you’ve read this document) please make contact with us at jobs@qrra.com.au


Mike Willis
Q.R.R.A. (Brisbane) President