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 Red Card Report Link – Visit “Referee Appointment System” then “Send Off” Link
2021 Game Management Guidelines PDF. 196 kB pdf_large
2020 Game Management Presentation Link
World Rugby Law Changes 2018. 123 kB pdf_large
QRRA Incident Report Procedures Details the procedures to be followed by referees reporting serious off-field incidents involving themselves, coaches, players, spectators or other match officials. 127.5 kb pdf_large
QRU Code of Conduct Breach Procedures 33.3 kb pdf_large
Ground Locations 215.7 kb pdf_large
Match Rules Quick Guide A quick guide for referees that summarises the laws, match times and substitution rules applied to the different competitions and grades appointed to by the QRRA, from Premier Rugby to BJRU. 6.9 kb pdf_large
2019 School Scholarship Letter An explanation of the RugbyAU School Scholarship Program 6.9 kb pdf_large
2019 School Scholarship Application Form RugbyAU School Scholarship Program Application Form 6.9 kb pdf_large