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2017 Game Management Guidelines. 433 MB zip
2017 Game Management Guidelines PDF. 533 kB pdf_large
World Rugby Law Changes 2017. 65 kB pdf_large
Guidelines for Completing Send Off Reports Includes details on the process referees should follow after they have sent a player from the field (red card). 38 kb doc_large
Referee Send Off Form From to be completed by referees after a player has been sent from the field (red card). 625.5 kb pdf_large
Assistant Referee Send Off Form Form to be completed by the assistant referee when a referee sends a player from the field (red card), on the basis of a report from the assistant referee. 627.7 kb pdf_large
QRRA Incident Report Procedures Details the procedures to be followed by referees reporting serious off-field incidents involving themselves, coaches, players, spectators or other match officials. 127.5 kb pdf_large
Blue Card Application Procedures All QRRA members over the age of 18 are required to maintain a current Blue Card (working with children check). This document outlines the procedures required to apply for a Blue Card. 74 kb pdf_large
Blue Card Application/Renewal Form Required by all QRRA members under QLD legislation. Application and renewal are completed using the same form. 917.2 kb pdf_large
Blue Card Exemption Form For use by members eligible for an exemption card (teachers and police officers). Form valid to 30.06.2015 412.2 kb pdf_large
QRU Punch Stomp Policy 88.3 kb pdf_large
QRU Punch Stomp Policy Exception This refers to an approved variation to the sanction required to be imposed under Policy 1002. This exception only applies to Premier Rugby. 88.3 kb pdf_large
QRU Code of Conduct Breach Procedures 33.3 kb pdf_large
Ground Locations 215.7 kb pdf_large
Match Rules Quick Guide A quick guide for referees that summarises the laws, match times and substitution rules applied to the different competitions and grades appointed to by the QRRA, from Premier Rugby to BJRU. 6.9 kb pdf_large