How to Become a Match Official

Becoming a referee is easy. Your first step should be to contact the QRRA’s Admin Officer at, or on 0409 192 396. The Admin Officer will talk you through getting your qualification then the registration process, and before you know it you will be on the field!

People usually become involved through the following roles:


If you would like to referee you need to get your Level 1 Refereeing qualification. This is the best qualification for anyone interested in becoming a referee who is aged 15 years or older. The first step is to attend a Referee Ready Course, followed by the online exam, then undertake a field competency test, which will usually occur once you have a few games under your belt. Your accreditation will then last for four years before needing renewal. Renewal requires an online exam and another competency test. You can find and book courses via the Rugby Learning Centre.

Assistant Referee

Sometimes called ‘Touch Judge’, the proper name in rugby is ‘Assistant Referee’, and this is a great way to start getting involved in refereeing rugby. To become a qualified Assistant Referee, you need to do the Assistant Referee Level 1 course, followed by the online exam. Courses can be booked and exams completed via the Rugby Learning Centre.

More information is available on the Rugby AU web site

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